Sitting at the kitchen table, watching the orange hue of the mornings sun. As the sun appears over the corn this morning, I notice the beauty of it. It created a calmness I haven't felt in a while. Today is a new day. A day ignited by passion. 

Today is also the day that I shall announce Ms. Brandy Davis, as a new team member.

It was Renaissance Faire, 2018. I had signed up to volunteer, and didn't have one period dress to wear. Escorted behind the scenes, garb was laid out, and off I went. Working next to a stunning beauty, she was naturally inviting. The calmness of her spirit, directness of tasks, and a smile that lasted for days. This dame would be a part of my life for time to come. 

"My name is Brandy Davis and I am a heart and energy healer. I refer to myself as a Happiness Goddess. I love creating happiness and love in others, especially with my hugs. Yes, they are magic. I also love spending time with nature and what better way to do that than with Holly and Geode Goddess! I am newly emerging into my own and am excited about the prospect of meeting you all.  I am currently 39 and I own it. I like to say, 'Like any good Brandy, I get better with age.' I have a husband of over 8yrs, Wolf, and we have 5-ish kids lol. I have two businesses that I own that are about giving back and sharing with others."

Thankful to have you on board, Ms. Brandy.