As an owner of a traveling metaphysical store, traveling has become... complicated... to say the least, right? Looking ahead, I know we will be back out there again. The positivity that some festivals and markets give us, is a ray of sunshine. Even though we all know that nothing is fully certain right now. Everything is pretty much up in the air. 

I know that we will be back at the markets and festivals. As much as some folks feel that this is the end of world, that isn't a healthy way to think. The thoughts that that can create can be toxic to the emotional health, and we need to stay on top of our emotional health. We need to remain strong, healthy, positive, and forthcoming in our personal goals. Continue to be supporitive to others. Especially now. 

How am I personally feeling about it? I am going to stay positive, realistic and diligent in moving forward. One cannot be an entrepreneur without those three. At minimum. I am motivated. Folks, especially now, need to know that someone out there can help them heal and grow. I'm not giving up on you, nor my philosophy. We got this!

With that, I am restructuring how I operate. This will not be a forever move, but it is a move that needs to happen right now. I have updated my online store with what I currently have in stock. I had taken down the crystals before, and now they are back. Yay! When I was out there running between markets and festivals, it was a challenge to stay on top of the inventory. There are ways to help with that, but I did what I wanted and needed to do in the moment. I have been posting in social media outlets of what I have in stock, but not everyone cares to buy or converse through those outlets. Right?

Since I am moving the store to online traveling (grinning), shipping cost is a factor. As of today, I have a coupon code that can be applied to orders of $45 or more. Those orders will receive free shipping. Yay! Use coupon code: GGISDOPE

I am also launching a promotion for free prizes to three people who help my sales count reach 3000 orders. At least according to Etsy. ;) I am curious how this will play out, but hey.. best time to get creative, yeah? Stay tuned for that one.

I also have gift cards available for purchase. Again, market / festival season will happen again. Plus, there are folks all over the world that want to buy from our store. So why not also put that out there? I mean, gift cards.. who doesn't like them? I will create a separate thread for the gift cards. Look for the link there.

I don't want to see Geode Goddess go quiet or disappear over a bug that is trying to annihilate the human race, laughs. Positivity is where it's at!

In all seriousness though, thank you. To those who believe in supporting small businesses all over the world, THANK YOU!