I remember when I bought something for my mom at Christmas time, as a child. She opened the present and laughed. I was mortified. After that Christmas, I wasn't a fan of buying for someone, anyone. Took me many moons to figure out how to buy for other folks. Ever have that happen to you? 

Then I had a kiddo. With their ideas and tastes consistently changing, gift cards just seemed... logical. Once and a while I will buy them something to actually hold and treasure, but the gift cards saved me as a mom, laughs.

So yeah, eGift cards. I do plan on ordering plastic gift cards from the booth. Right now, eGift cards just feels right. I mean, it makes sense with folks buying online. Not only that though, the eGift cards can be used whenever. Like, we can setup our booth, and actually see folks again in public! 

Online, in person. Not complicated at all. :)

There are no limits as to how much you can buy.  I'm not worried about when they will be cashed in. The support of each purchase helps us now, and that does matter. Follow the link below, and thank you for supporting small businesses!