So, hey. I've decided to change up the order of how I am running the online store, and the market store. 

I have come to realize, that as a single mom running a traveling metaphyiscal store, it's a lot to maintain! To make it current, easier, and up to date I have come up with THE most rawking idea.

As of today, the online store will be for candles, boxsets, and the like. The crystals? Well, those I am leaving for the in person snaz, and social media. Yep. So, you either need to come visit me in person, OR go to my Facebook / Instagram pages. This way you can see what is currently in stock, and know what you're getting first hand. I have ways to ship to folks all over the world, so don't worry about that. Through social media, I will hold online shows for you all to view live or later. Just email me if you see something outside of the live shows when it comes to the online snaz. 

Anyhoots, hope to see you soon. Whether in person or online in a show.

Thanks for understanding the perils of my whirlwind!

Holly Mohr

THE Geode Goddess