I started the manifestation of the idea back in 2014. I met a beautiful human who first introduced me into the Rock and Gem world. After attending a few shows with them, I became heightened, let alone enlightened. It was something that spoke to me, personally. I could feel the energy of the crystals, the stones. Slowly I started to awaken to a different energy than I had been previously taught. Mind blown, in a sense.

The vibrations from other humans, from animals, from the Universe brought me here. Here to you.
I have spent the last few years honing into the depth of self. Without righteousness. Without pity. Without selfishness. Purely through meditation, and testing myself. Pushing myself to step beyond the limits. Literally climbing to new heights, seeking what I had been missing my entire life. Me. Who I truly am. A free spirit, who is truly in tune to the frequency of life. 

With this, I am able to offer my gifts through here. It is time to share the love that has been hidden all these years. Whether through crystals, subscription boxes, themed one-time purchased boxes, candles, readings, advice, and who knows... maybe someday jewelry and more! 

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